Visit to an orphanage near Calcutta (by Dibyendu Bhattacharya) – 2016

A visit to an orphanage near Calcutta

Like every year, Ray O’Brien visited our home during his latest Calcutta trip in December 2015. During his visit, we discussed about an orphanage near Calcutta, where 37 orphan boys from poorest of poor families are sheltered, getting an opportunity to have a small space in the world of education and two square meals a day. The orphanage is run by an organisation named ‘Naba Tarun Sangha’ (Translation: New Generation Youngsters) located in Falta, a place by the side of river Ganges 40 miles south of Calcuta. The orphanage is entirely dependent on and funded by charities.
The members of ‘New Alipore Ladies Forum’, of which Priti (Anwesha’s mother) is a member, had already made a visit to the orphanage in August 2015 and noted the unfulfilled urgent requirements of the place. On being briefed by Priti, Mr. Ray O’Brien generously agreed to equip the place with two plastic study tables and six chairs. He also sent 37 tennis balls and 2 footballs and a few Frisbees for the boys, which was a part of the consignment sent by him in advance for distribution during this year’s trip.

The visit by ‘New Alipore Ladies Forum’ members to the orphanage was organised on 17th January 2016. The boys heartily welcomed the troupe with a lot of smiles and cheers. The ladies offered them chocolates and cakes, the taste of which is relished by these small children once in a blue moon.

This day might not have had any permanent happy effect on the lives of the unfortunate 37 children, but they did get to enjoy a few hours of merry making and treats, something for which all children across the globe are tempted and wait for. What more can a common man do? He does not possess a magic wand which would make this world a place for all children to live and grow with equal support and opportunities. Let us dream of a day when it would happen, and in the meanwhile, let us do these small bits for their smiles and cheers, however short lived those may be.

Dibyendu Bhattacharya
(Anwesha’s father)