You’ll Never Walk Alone – 2020

You'll Never Walk Alone

Hi Everyone,

Many times in a year people call me about our work with Children are Angels from Heaven to ask questions, or just to say hello to make new friendships.

Last week I got a call from Gail in Maryland. She and her husband adopted a child a long time ago from India. They learned about Children are Angels from Heaven through an Angels from Heaven donor who has helped me do this work for many years, and Gail wanted to connect with me.

Gail and I had a great time talking to each other on the telephone for quite a while.

We talked about India and each of our visits to that country. Gail has only visited India one time and it has touched her heart forever, and I have visited 25 times. We also talked about the process of both our adoptions that took place many years ago, with some very strict rules at the beginning of the process, and how beautiful it all has ended up.

Gail told me that her son has a beautiful voice and loves to sing.

Gail has sent me a beautiful video her son made with three friends.

You’ll Never Walk Alone (לא אירא רע)

The video is meant to salute and thank all the brave health care workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Her son is the first singer.

Please see it below

I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful video.

The language they are singing in is Hebrew, the original language of the Bible. The verses from the 23rd Psalm. “Lo Ira Ra” in Hebrew means “I will fear no evil,” from the verse: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.”

Thank all of you for watching the video.

Stay Safe

Ray O