A Letter From Mae – 2011

A letter from Mae

I receive many wonderful letters from so many people all the time. Many people like our work and do what they can to help us. One big reason is the funds or donations are not lost or stolen . We also do not have a payroll our work is for the love of the children only……….

I want to share one of those letters with you today ..

The letter comes from a young girl 16 years old. She lives in North Carolina and has 5 siblings. Her name is Mae. Mae’s Mom and Dad have been a part of Angels from Heaven since the day we started our charity work.

Mae would always be interested in our work. Even as a young girl many years ago she would read our newsletters or send me her birthday money to help the poor children during my Indian visits……….. Without getting lost in words Mae is a grown up girl now and is making her plans for her future. I received this letter two weeks ago from her. I have permission from her, and her Mom and Dad to share the letter with all of you.

Mae wants to become a Sister

I guess our work has touched many people in a way I never thought about !

Enjoy the letter and Thank You for your help and support each year …………….

Ray OBrien