January – December 2003

Children are… Angels From Heaven

By: Ray O’Brien

Vol. 6 Jan. to Dec. 2003

Hi Everyone…
Another year has passed and so has another
trip to Calcutta India in Nov 2003. As all of you
know I visit poor children every year at
Thanksgiving as a way to say Thank You for my
3 beautiful children who were adopted from that
city. My trips started in 1996 because of my
oldest daughter Joanna (6 yrs) old asking me
“Dad” what is India like? Because all three of
my children were escorted during the adoption
process I never traveled to India. I felt it my
obligation as a “Dad” to find out about the
country, my little girl was born in.
I can still remember my first trip it was
something that I will never forget. I found out
that the world is very much different the hard
way through culture shock. Many of the things I
took for granted, such as, a house to live in, my
children going to school each day, or having
clean hot and cold water delivered to my kitchen
sink are just a few.
After visiting another city where many of the
people are poor, it opened my eyes. I could now
write a book of how good I have it in America.
At times I have it too good, and it makes me feel
sad thinking of the people with little or nothing.
During my trips to Calcutta I visit as many
poor children as I can and try to help them in
some small way. I know deep in my heart that

there is no crime for being born. Children are
Children no matter where they are on this earth,
the color of their skin, or the God they believe in.
I am very happy to say our organization
Children are Angels from Heaven has grown
over the past few years and we have done many
small projects that have helped many children.
Each project has been documented and
photographed for all to see.
This year we helped a little girl that I gave all
of you my word I would help. (see page 2)
To do all of this it takes many hours of work
and good people to work with on both sides of
the world. It makes me very proud to see so
many people call me and want to help Children
are Angels From Heaven in one way or another.
It has been a long road for all of us but we
are now Non- Profit and all donations are tax
deductible. We also have a web site
childrenarengels.org so people all over the world
can see our work.
I would like to say Thank You to all of you
for your continued support and hard work. I am
hopeful that we can continue to work together
and help many more children in the future. My
next trip will be in Nov 2004. If anyone has any
questions feel free to call me. 781-483-1002
Check out our web site!

Board of Directors
Raymond C O’Brien
President and Founder
Patricia A O’Brien
Jeanne Gaunt
Jean Donaghey
Function Director
Cathy Dekow
Web Master
Joanne Coburn
Daniel Tavanese
Rita Cornelio
Cathi Duffy
Ronald DeFronzo
While in Calcutta…
Some of the places that I
Society of Indian Children’s
International Mission of hope
Missionaries of Charity
Lorreto Day School Sealdah
St .Vincent’s Home
Salvation Army Girls School
Don Bosco Ashalayam
Adarsha Hindi Vidyalaya
Vivekamanda Welfare & Dev.
St Joseph Seniors Home
Sabera Home for Handicapped
C.M.C.P. School
This years Newsletter is
dedicated to angels that
have been called back to

Teresa Flammia
Edward Powers
Norman Krouk


I am very happy to tell all of you that during this trip with the help
of many people Samita finally had her clef lip operation. It took
almost three years to get it done, but in the end, the results were
excellent. I consider it an honor to have been able to help this young
girl. Please understand I did not do this alone. It was many people who
helped. Samita was transferred from the International Mission of Hope
Orphanage when it closed last year to the Sabera Home for
Handicapped children. I have to tell you the staff there was terrific!
Mr.Carlos Duran the Director of Sabera and Dr. Zarin Dadina the
Medical Director of Sabera did everything I requested. I was allowed
to visit Samita in the hospital before and after her operation. I was sent
photos and updates as she recovered after the operation. Dr Arun
Ganguli of the Mission of Mercy Hospital performed the operation and
as you can see by the photos, his work was outstanding. I am very
proud of everyone on BOTH sides of the world who helped get this
operation done to help this poor little girl. It was done with lots of
LOVE and KINDNESS. Below are two photos. They tell a big story
of how Samita looked before and how she looks now. The entire cost
of this operation was under $500. I would like to say THANK YOU
to everyone for all your help.

Arrival in Calcutta

This year I had many donations that were given to
me to bring to the children. There were many
beautiful clothes, lots of candy, tooth brushes,
school supplies, small toys, shoes, school uniform
blouses and wheelchairs. It is all brought to Mum
and Uncle Xavier’s home and sorted out for
distribution. I will be forever grateful to Mum and
Uncle for their help in helping the children of
Calcutta and also for looking after me when I am in
India. Below are a few photos of my arrival and
everything being sorted out for you to see.



I am very happy to write that Angels From Heaven
has been given over $900 in deposit cans since we
started the program. That is approximately 18,000
cans. The best way to look at it is, for every can
collected, it is a pencil for a poor child. I personally
never thought I would ever collect cans but after
seeing the deposit money put to good use to help a
poor child, I now am always on the lookout for an
empty can. I am totally amazed at the dedication
from people who step forward to help out with this
program as well as companies who are willing to
help. Many early mornings at work I see workers
arrive with lunch in one hand and a bag of empty
cans in the other. It truly has been an outstanding
effort by everyone. I would like to say THANK
YOU to everyone especially ……….
Xpedx Paper Company and all its employees
AEA Technology and all it employees
Jim’s HD truck repair & family and friends
Workers at the Woburn Redemption Center

Last year I gave my word to a girl at St Vincent’s
Home who had a problem walking that I would
bring her a needed wheelchair on my next visit.
Thanks to Mr. Rick Wedge and Steve Powers I was
given two wheelchairs to bring with me on this trip.
I was very worried about charges for extra baggage
and for duty charges when I arrived in Calcutta.
With the help of Rita Cornilio of Mystic Valley
Travel, Mr. Tom Convery of the Salem St. Business
Association, Patrick Lally of Rep.Ed Markey’s
office and Mr. Dana Depatto of British Airlines
everything worked out perfect. The wheelchairs
were given to Angelina of St Vincent’s home and
also to St Josephs Seniors Home, run by the Little
Sisters of the Poor. Both wheelchairs were much
needed and appreciated.


A Smile….

A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those
who receive without making poorer those who give it, It
takes but a moment, but the memory lasts forever. A smile
creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in business,
brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine
to the sad, and its nature’s best antidote for trouble. Yet it
cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is
something that is of no value to anyone until it is given
away. Some people are too tired to give a smile. Give them
one of yours, as no one needs a smile so much as one who
has none to give ……


looked good. The children were very happy. I also
had a chance to see my little friend Tumpa the girl
who had the crossed eye that Angels From Heaven
and the Salvation Army working together had
repaired. It was a short but good visit with
everyone. I am proud of the Salvation Army and the
good work that they do all over the world ……..

Salvation Army Girls Home Behala

I was very happy to re-visit this home again. The
staff and children are always friendly and happy.
Over the years I have had many happy days in this
building. I am very sorry to say that because of the
many places I try to visit in Calcutta this years visit
was short with the children. On my 2002 visit with
the children, I noticed that the swing set was broken
and not in safe condition. I talked to Captain Nyak
and Asha Sarker about getting it repaired and left
some money behind to get it fixed. I am happy to
tell you that along with a beautiful letter, photos,
and a receipt. I saw the repaired swings and they

As most of you know I met Mother Teresa in 1996
During our short meeting together it changed my
life forever. I now look at things a little different.
Yes, I am human and I make mistakes and I do get
angry at times. But when I calm down I always
think about my meeting with Mother Teresa and the
words that she said to me about people and the
world that we live in. Mother truly was a Saint she
always looked after everyone regardless of race,
religion, skin color, young or old, healthy or sick,
rich or poor. I do my very best to follow in Mothers
footsteps to try and make the world a better place.
For me or anyone else it is very easy to do, as the
road was already made by Mother. All we have to
do is follow her footsteps……….
When I visited the Mother house this year I
again made a donation from all of us. Then I visited
Mothers tomb within the Mother House and said
some personal prayers for myself and some for
people who asked me to pray to Mother for them.

Society of Indian Childrens Welfare

My visit at this children’s home was also very short.
I did see the blind girl I visited last year, she was
sleeping along with all the other children. I did
make a small donation to this Society on behalf of
Children are Angels from Heaven. SICW was the
home of one of my children 14 years ago. Mrs.
Chaudhry and Mrs. Dastur do an EXCELLENT job
along with there staff helping many poor children.
Each time I visit I see many children some are H/P
and will never leave there care. SICW opened its
doors in 1979 from that point on it has offered its
services to many children with many different
programs such as a Heart Surgery Program in 1996
for children in need of life saving heart operations.
In 2002 SICW launched (Bhojan) catering project
for women from poor sections of society. The list of
work SICW does to help children and poor adults
goes on and on. It is just a great place that does
outstanding work for children.


All works of love are works of peace… Missionaries of Charity

It is going to be very hard to write a short story to
such a wonderful visit with many children and
teachers. Because of all of your donations I was
able to give every child a pencil, sharpener, ruler,
crayons, toothbrushes, beautiful dresses, candy and
girls blouses. I was not able to communicate with
the children as they did not speak English. But
Uncle Clarence was there to help me get over the
language barrier. I can tell you by the children’s
happy faces all your gifts were very much
appreciated. There were 169 students all between 4
and 8 yrs old. At the time of my visit to this school
I did not know that there was an afternoon session,
and I felt bad about not visiting those children and
giving them some school supplies. After I got home
to Boston Mum Xavier and Uncle Clarence sent me
a wonderful letter and photos telling me they had
purchased school supplies for the children for the
afternoon session and had distributed everything to
the children. It was in the form of a donation to
Children are Angels from Heaven from both of
them. I would like to say a special Thank You to
Mrs Taherun Nessa , Ishrat Ara and Khilquat
Shaique ….Teachers at the school for their help..


Kolkata Municipal Corporation Primary school for Girls

Don Bosco Ashalayam is a home for street children.
There are 9 Homes in the Howrah area. Many of the
children who live here are older children and have
never gone to school. Don Bosco runs a vocational
school to teach the older boys a trade such as
welding, woodworking, baking, drawing and
tailoring are just a few of the trades.
In 2002 during my visit with Fr. Matthew and my
friend Bernard Maung I was asked if I could help
out financially with building a new work shed for
the boys to work in. As now they work outside with
no cover in the hot sun or rain. The proposal for the
shed was to be 18ft X 65 ft, so it was going to be
pretty big to accommodate a large work area for
many boys. I am very happy and proud to tell all of
you the new work shed has been completed and is
working out perfect. With proper instruction the
boys are now learning how to make hospital beds in
it. No more rain or hot sun to work in. My only
request for this project was that a plaque was placed
at the corner of the building saying this work shed
was donated by Children are Angels from Heaven
Boston USA. We paid 100% of all costs to get this
project completed. Everything worked out great as
you can see by the photos.


International Mission of Hope

Development Society

This orphanage is located about 15 miles from
Calcutta. The building is small and there are 2
rooms of children. One room is for newborns and
one room is for the older children. The building is
very clean and the children are well cared for. It is
very sad to go into an orphanage and see so many
children with no real family. It hits you deep in the
heart on every visit no matter where you are
visiting. There were about 4 or 5 Massies taking
care of the children during my visit. Some of the
children I visited were twins, some were H/P, some
were sick , and others were healthy ready for
adoption. In the room where the newborns were
there was an electric heater to keep the babies
warm. All the newborns were about 3 lbs at birth. I
had sent this orphanage 2 large boxes of baby
clothes during the year for the children. It was much
appreciated. Some children never get picked for
adoption. One reason is the child’s skin color is too
dark. Below you will find a photo of one of these
children. His health looked perfect. I feel this is
very sad !


My visit to this village school was fun. The school
is located about 20 miles from Calcutta near the
airport. I was escorted by Mrs Xavier my Indian
Mum, Mr Bernard Maung of Don Bosco Ashalayam
& Mrs Nupur Sanyal Hony. General Secretary of
the Institute of Social work. It was a long
interesting ride to the school. I had brought with me
clothes for the children as well as candy and
pencils. The purpose of my visit was to see the
children and also inspect the desks and chairs that
Angels from Heaven had made for the School last
year at Don Bosco Ashalayam I have to tell you
everything worked out great. At the end of the day
the children sang and danced for all of us. It was a
fun time, a day I will always remember.


St Vincents Home

My visit with the children at St Vincents was very
short. I am very disappointed to tell all of you that I
was told that the children did not do well in school
this past year and did not give “A” for effort. It was
recommended to me that I do not visit the children
this year. I did as I was asked to. We did not set up
the Christmas tree or have any birthday parties or
Chinese food. These children are my favorite
children and it hurt me not to be able to see them. I
have watched every child grow up over the years. I
hope this year will be much different as I am
looking forward to seeing them again.


Sabera Home for Handicapped Children

I went with Mum and Uncle Xavier by taxi to visit
the staff and children at Sabera home for H/P
children. It was a very long ride about 35 KM from
the city. I met the Director Mr. Carlos Duran he was
the man who helped me with Samita’s lip operation.
Sabera was the organization that took all of the H/P
children from International Mission of Hope when
it closed its doors last year. The Sabera staff I met
was about 20 massies and 2 nurses all from IMH so
I knew all of them. They were very happy to see me
as I was happy to see them. Seeing all the children
was great although sad. Some of these poor children
have minor health problems and need a home and
family. As an example a young girl name Dasi she
is so cute and happy. She has a crossed eye. Some
of the children will never find a home. That in itself
is very sad. I want everyone to understand that
Sabera has done a wonderful job helping the
children. I can speak from example that Carlos
Duran , Dr. Dadina, Thusar Dutta, and the entire
staff did a first class job with Samita’s clef lip
operation. I am proud to know these fine people and
work with such a wonderful organization.


Village Trip with the Loretto School

For the second time in my 9 visits to Calcutta Sister
Cyril of the Loretto Day School Sealdah allowed
me to go on the village trip with her students. I
don’t know how I can write this story as it truly is
unbelievable. I met all the Loretto Students at the
Loretto Day School at about 8 AM. It’s a very busy
place with approximately 1500 students (all girls).
Today I was going to go on a bus with the Loretto
students who would teach in 9 village schools. The
young teachers are put into 9 separate groups of
about 15 students each, from grades 5,7,8, along
with a 10th grader who is in charge of each group.
One adult teacher is in charge of everyone, all 9
groups of children. I will never forget when we
boarded the bus, it was standing room only. Sister
makes sure that I have a seat. Sister introduces me
(Ray OBrien from Boston) to the children on the
bus and tells the children that I am a visitor and to
talk to me and tell me all about India and the
Lorettto school. But when we reach the village,
forget about Mr. OBrien and to put all your effort
into teaching the children at the village school. It
was a wonderful day. I learned many things during
that trip from the Loretto girls. It was a long walk to
the village once the bus stopped about 6km. As we
started our long walk the 9 groups of young Loretto
teachers would break off one by one from the main
road to go to their assigned village school. I was
with the last group. When we arrived at the village
school Krishnarampur Malanga F.P. School the
children and staff were very happy to see the


St Raphael School , Medford Ma

I have never seen such a giving school in all my
life. The staff and children can NEVER do enough
to help me with Children are Angels from Heaven.
In 2003 Just before I left for Calcutta the school
held a UFO day. During (Uniform free Day) each
student brings in a dollar or more (there is no set
to help a specific charity and the student is allowed
to wear street clothes for the day. This only happens
3 or 4 times a year at this school. With the help of
the staff, the school collected $872 for Children are
Angels from Heaven. The children of grade 3A Mrs
Crozier’s class & 3B Mrs Dowgert’s class also
collected hundreds of pencils for me to bring with
me. The school also asked for donations of gently
used girls blouses as St Raphael had changed its
colors. The children brought in about 150 blouses
blue, white and yellow for me to bring with me. I
almost fell to the floor when I found out what this
wonderful school did to help the children in India.
Money, school supplies and clothes. To this day I
cannot get over it. With the help of Mrs. Murphy
and Mrs. Chisholm I had a chance to visit some of
the children and show a slide show of my trips to
India. I did my very best to make the children
understand how special a simple gift of a tennis ball
or a piece of candy might be at Christmas to a child
in India. I tried to also explain that in America


Free Paper & Parking

I would also like to say Thank You to Jim Iantosca
and the Xpedx Paper Company 613 Main St
Wilmington Ma for donating all the paper needed to
print last years newsletter and also for also letting
Angels From Heaven keep our storage trailer
( that was donated by them ) parked in their lot. All
of their effort has been a great help to Angels From


Adopted People

Did you know these people were adopted? 1. Dave Thomas – founder of Wendy’s 2. Eleanor Roosevelt – First Lady 3. John Lennon – Musician 4. Priscilla Presley – Actress

E-Mail List

If anyone is interested in getting on the
Angels from Heaven e-mail list please let me know.
Many things happen all year with Angels from
Heaven. I do my best to let everyone know what’s
going on all year not just in the yearly newsletter.
If you are interested all I have to do is give me your
e-mail address. You can call me anytime 781-483-


Do it Now….

I expect to pass through this world but once, any
good thing therefore that I can do, or any
kindness I can show to any fellow human being,
let me do it now. For I shall not pass this way


Debbie,Rich,Daniel & Anna

Ray O’Brien,
Please accept this gift on behalf of Beverlys Birthday!!
Children Are Angels from Heaven .

Dear Ray. My family had a garage sale & wanted to give the proceeds to your organization. You are an inspiration to us. Thank You for caring so much. The Martin family

Dear Ray,
Doing a fine job. Nice to hear from you.



Dear Ray, A little donation to help you with the children. You are a very special person as is your wife Pat. Have a safe trip this year Love Anna

Dear Ray Patti and Family, What a thrill you must have felt when you fist read this letter, And what a wonderful thing for the children of this school to do for the CHILDREN of another country. Of course it is your effort and action that has brought this need to the attention of hundred’s of Americans, and given so many of us the opportunity to contribute in any way we can. I am proud to know you and grateful to you for making the need known. Thank You for giving us the opportunity to join in the movement you started. With Love and gratitude,, Pat ———————–

Dear Ray,
Of all the causes I give to this is the best. Please don’t
deny me. I love your children in India and I love to see the
progress you make. Writing this is hard for me so don’t
make me do it again! Also you now owe me 37 cents……..
so there !
Love Janet 


per year. The cost will be tax deductible so it is not such a bad deal. This new fixed cost will cover your ad in the newsletter and on the web site all year. This is all a little in the air, but if you now have an Ad in our newsletter or on our web page please expect things to change. Please help us as we need your continued support. I will take as many ads as I can. Anyone interested in a new ad or anyone with questions please call me 781-483-1002.

Don Bosco Ashalayam

As I told everyone in my last newsletter IMH
orphanage was in the process of closing. My last
visit there was very sad. The only children who
remained were the H/P children. Over a period of
about 20 years IMH had found homes for almost
3,000 children. Three of them were mine. Caitrin
Varsha and Raymond. I had visited IMH many
times over the years and have written that it felt like
home when I was there on a visit. I knew almost
every Massie and Staff. I had made it a point to visit
every child during my visits and hug the ones I
could. I also wrote in my last newsletter that I
would continue to visit that building at 2 Nimak
Mahal Rd once IMH was closed for good. The only
reason, to say a prayer to remember all the children
and staff who lived and worked there. I learned so
much visiting that building. More than I could ever
write about in this newsletter. I will miss IMH . The
one thing that I will never forget is the people. The
love they had in their hearts for the children and
how they kept the children alive and well with very
IMH is now gone, closed forever……….What I
found when I visited this year was a lock on the
front gate, no smiles of people waving hello…
It was very sad. I did say my prayer at that front
gate and my prayer was directed to the children who
are in need and will not be able pass this gate and
that God will look after these children and find
them the same loving home IMH was.


Vivekamanda Welfare &

Last year Jimmy Linardy (Scruffy) a weekly race
car driver at Lee Speedway , Lee NH donated his
entire years racing winnings to Children are Angels
From Heaven $675 to be used for the children. Jim
had our name put on his race car, all at no cost to
Angels. I consider this a great effort by Jim and his
family to help children. Jim and his family do all of
this together. Jim and his family also collect deposit
cans for the children. Jims shop is at 42 Joy St
Somerville. If you want to see him race he is at the
speedway every Friday night in the #14 car. I’d like
to say a big THANK YOU to Jim and his Family
for all their help.



I am happy to report the Orange or Mango project
for the Loretto Day School Rainbow program with
Sister Cyril is working out well. I once asked Sister
what she would do if I were to send her $100 her
answer, was to get Oranges or Mango whatever was
in season and give them out once a week for 6
months to 200 of her most destitute children. I was
truly taken back by her answer. From that point on
the Orange or Mango program was born. I would
like to say Thank You to the Woodmen of the
World Mystic Camp #216 Malden Ma for stepping
forward to help the children.

The art of education is to continue to grow as long as
you live. Every moment brings its lesson. Every person
is a teacher. Grow in all directions. Develop a desire for
Godness An eagerness for knowledge A capacity for
friendship An appreciation for beauty A concern for
others Grow…Learning continues forever …Education
never stops!!!


Adarsha Hindi Vidyalayam School

The Hindi school is one of my favorite places to
visit. The kids are always so happy. I am again
sorry to say my visit was short this year. This year I
had company on my visit Mum Xavier came with
me to see the staff and Children. We inspected the
new desks that Angels from Heaven had made for
the children this year. We brought with us 350
pencils for the children and some candy as well as
calculators for the senior class. I am very proud of
the teachers of this school. They do so much with so
little. I look forward to my next visit to this school.


St Gurtrudes Seniors Home

On each visit to Calcutta I always make it a point to
visit my friend Marie and also to say hello to some
of the other women in the home. Marie is over 80
years old and looks forward to my visit. Last year
she asked if I could bring her a big polo shirt to
wear as she wears a back brace at night and it hurts
her back I brought her 2 big shirts and as always a
Boston Globe newspaper to read. It was a good visit
with Marie. On every visit when it is time for me to
leave Marie always says, Ray thanks for visiting me
I don’t know if I will be here next year when you
visit. My reply is always the same. Why are you
going someplace? I will see you next year………


Little Sisters of the Poor St Josephs Seniors home

I visited St Josephs Seniors Home on A.,J. C. Road in Calcutta. It is run by the Little Sisters of the Poor. When I arrived I was welcomed by Gertrude. There are 170 men and women who live there all over 65 years old. I had a chance to see every part of the home. The men and women who live there seem to be very happy. During my visit it was lunch time and the Sisters were looking after everyone. I had brought a wheelchair with me to give Sister. ( see story on page 3) I had a great visit at this seniors home. Mum Xavier was again with me on this visit she knew many of the people who now live there so it made it even nicer. I do plan to bring Sister another wheelchair this year when I visit. How I will get it there I don’t know, but I’m sure God will help me.

Bethany Sisters.

Each year I always stop by the Bethany Sisters
convent in Behala to say hello and bring some
sweets. I met a few novice Sisters on my first
village trip with the Loretto Day School. I have
never forgot how nice the Sisters were to me and
their willingness to help me. This year there were
18 novice Sisters at the convent with Sister Sureka
and Sister Sangita in charge. It was a fun short visit
for me and Mum.

Loretto girls. I watched with my own eyes as these
young Loretto teachers took control of the
classroom and taught the children. The class size
looked to be about 50 children. As I watched and
observed, I saw the Lotetto girls show kindness to
the children as well as discipline when needed. The
girls keep the classroom under control at all times
and made sure everyone was learning the lesson at
hand. I did not bring any donations on this trip as I
did not want to cause any problems. I was also there
to learn from the Loretto girls. To this day I think
about that wonderful day and what a great job the
Loretto girls did. It was unbelievable. I would like
to say a big Thank You to all the girls of the
Loretto Day School who looked after me on that
special day especially Salmoli Choudhuri 13,
Sayantani Bhattacharya 14 , & Monica Roy 14
I also would like to say THANK YOU to Sister
Cyril and the staff at the village school Rafigut
Islam Sarder , Khuku Ghosh and Sufti Das
If I have mis-spelled any names please forgive me.
Below you will find a few photos of this wonderful

children have more toys and games than they will
ever need in a lifetime. What made me very proud
of the St Raphael children was how interested the
children were to help the Indian children and the
attention they gave to every one of my slides. It was
a learning experience for them to see the world we
live in and what they did to help make it better.


Newsletter Printing and Mailing

It costs about $1.75 each to have the Newsletter printed and mailed to your home. I have no problem spending the money to send it to all of you, but I also do not want to waste money if you are not interested in getting it. Please let me know and I will take you off my mailing list. For all of you who do get it and read it I ask you to pass it on to someone that you know who might like reading it. Any questions or extra copies please call me 781- 483-1002. Or write me Ray O’Brien 16 Bower St Medford Ma 02155.

Free Printing

Last year Town and Country Reprographics
Inc. 230 North Main St Concord NH Donated to
Angels From Heaven the entire cost of printing our
Newsletter with no cost to Angels from Heaven. I
was really taken back by the generosity of Bunny &
Victor Stoykovich and the hard work of Graydon
Biss. Because of their kindness and hard work I
was able to help more poor children in Calcutta.
Everything worked out perfect. I received many
complements at how professional our newsletter
looked. Thank You Town and Country for stepping
forward to help our small charity.


Union Help

I would like to say Thank You to a few local Unions who help Angels From Heaven. Teamsters Local #25, Teamsters Local #379 & Machinists Union local #447 In a time when America is sending many of our jobs to foreign countries, it makes me so proud to see Local Unions and the workers step forward to help Angels from Heaven. It makes me proud to be American and call the United States my home.

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Dear Patty & Ray
Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed
receiving your e-mails from India. I have forwarded them to
a good number of people and I hope they enjoyed them as
much as I did. I hope you had a digital camera, would love
to see some of the photos.
I was going over some papers last week and discovered
that I made the trip delivering your little bundle a little
over 10 years ago. I believe it was October 29th 1993 I
could hardly believe it had been that long ago.
Helen and I were in India earlier this year, made a couple
stops from a cruse ship. Two days was enough. I can really
appreciate all of the time you spend there. That is a true
labor of love . I am enclosing a check for Angels from
Heaven. We want you to know we really admire the work
you are doing give our love to the little ones .
Very truly yours,
Bill & Helen 


Thank you for sharing your story,


Dear Ray,
Here is a contribution from our family for the work you
do in Calcutta. The E-mails you sent while in India were
very moving. You are an inspiration to us all, Have a happy
holiday season. 


Empty Can Tabs

As you had read earlier on page 3 of this
newsletter you can see many people help children
by saving their deposit cans and giving them to
Angels from Heaven. There is also another way that
money can be had from the same deposit cans, by
collecting the Tabs at the top of the can. They are
made of solid Aluminum. Sharyn LaHaise and her
class “Make Way for Kids” at Medford High
School collects the TABS along with Mr. Ron
Kenney of Malden Ma , John Fiorini of Hanson
Ma and Mrs Damiano of Medford Ma all go above
and beyond the call of helping children by
collecting the Tabs. It is not an easy task collecting
the Tabs. For a full days work all you might get is a
small plastic bag of Tabs. Angels from Heaven
turns the Tabs over to
Mr. Lloyd Wentzell who is a member of the
Shriners organization. The Shriners help many
children at the Shriners Hospitals free of charge.
They have been saving Tabs since 1990 and up to
Dec 2002 they have collected 54,483 pounds of
tabs. All the money collected from the Tabs is used
at the Shriners Hospitals for children, to buy
anything from wheelchairs to children’s toys. The
Shriners have two hospitals in Massachusetts
Boston & Springfield with many other hospitals in
the United States. So as you can see soda & beer
deposit cans & bottles can do many things to help
many children.
If there is another company or person that
would like to donate soda & beer cans or Tabs to
help the children, call me and I will be more than
happy to set something up. Ray O’Brien 781-


Ads In our newsletter & Web page

Beginning next year, I hope to install a flat rate pay scale for our ads in the newsletter and web site. The newsletter and website must stand on its own legs and pay for itself. Any extra money taken in will go into the Angels from Heaven bank account (general fund) to be used for children’s projects. Hopefully, for a small Ad it will cost $25

Look at our web site ! www.Childrenareangels.org

Your Ad would look great and it would help us grow to help more children.

In Closing

Last year 2003 was a very exciting year for Children Are Angels from Heaven. We finished many projects that
were only a dream in 2002. Our prayers were finally answered with Samita and her cleft lip operation. Another
project was building the 18 x 65 work shed at Don Bosco that also was completed along with the new desks at
Barasat village school. I travel many miles to Calcutta each year at Thanksgiving to visit all the children. I take
with me as much as I can carry for the children but must stay within the legal limits. The money spent for
airfare and hotels is always my own personal money. I do my very best to be sure Angels from Heaven money
is well spent on things needed for the children. Not being from India it is very hard to get things done and done
right. Mum Xaver and Uncle C. are always there to help me and guide me. I am very proud of what Angels
from Heaven has done to help children over the years. One look at our web site tells a beautiful story. What has
made this so special and amazing to me is I never have asked anyone for anything. People just step forward to
help and we do more and more each year. I am now working with Nupur Sanyal of the Institute of Social Work
in Calcutta to start a small school in a fishing village for poor children. “The School of Angels” I have also
sponsored a young boy approx. 9 years old who is deaf, to go to a school for deaf children in Southern India.
Angels From Heaven is also buying a needed washing machine for Sisters who run an orphanage in South
America. As you can see our work is never done. Please remember, to help one child it takes many people all
over the world to do it. No matter how hard I work I cannot do it alone. I need all of you, and your continued
love and support. I look forward to my next trip in 2004 it will be my 10th trip. I will end now except to ask all
of you to say a prayer for a little H/P boy 10 years old named Debabrata who passed away June 9 2004 in
Calcutta. His only family was the orphanage in Calcutta.