Children are. . . Angels From Heaven

Hi Everyone…
Another year has passed and so has another trip to Calcutta India
and Warsaw and Krakow, Poland in November 2004. As all of you
know I visit poor children every year in Calcutta, India at Thanksgiving
as a way to say Thank You for my three beautiful children who were
adopted from that city. My trips started in 1996 because my oldest
daughter Joanna (6 yrs) old asking me “Dad what is India like?”
Because all three of my children were escorted during the adoption
process I never traveled to India. I felt it was my obligation as a “Dad”
to find out about the country my little girl was born in.
I can still remember my first trip; it was something that I will never
forget. I found out that the world is very much different the hard way
– through culture shock. Many of the things I took for granted, such
as, a house to live in, my children going to school each day or having
clean hot and cold water delivered to my kitchen sink are just a few
After visiting another city where many of the people are poor, it
opened my eyes. I could now write a book of how good I have it in
America. At times I have it too good, and it makes me feel sad thinking
of the people with little or nothing.
During my trips to Calcutta, I visit as many poor children as I can
and try to help them in some small way. I know deep in my heart that
there is no crime for being born. Children are children no matter where
they are on this earth, the color of their skin, or the God they believe
in. I am very happy to say our organization Children are Angels from
Heaven has grown over the past few years and we have done many


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While in Calcutta…
Some of the places I visited are:
Society of Indian Children’s
Missionaries of Charity
Loretto Day School, Sealdha
St. Vincent’s Home
Salvation Army Girls Home
Don Bosco Ashalayam
Adarsha Hindi Vidyalaya
St Joseph’s Seniors Home
Sabera Home for Handicapped
C.M.C.P. School
School of Angels Village
Schools 1&2
St. Paul’s School



Mahammod Rafi Darga

The young boy you
see in the photo below is the second
handi-capped child
Angels has tried to
help in 2004. Rafi is
a beautiful 11 year
old child who is
deaf. He is from the
village of Sangapatnam in India.
Rafi has two sisters
who attend school in
the village, but
because Rafi is deaf,
he needs to attend a
special school. Through the Foundation for Children
in Need (FCW) , a small organization started by Tom
Chitta and Geetha Yeruva, Angels From Heaven is
sponsoring Rafi. Our donation provides clothes,
books, tuition fees, food, and medical care for Rafi.
He is now in the 5th grade at Navajeevan School for
the deaf. When we last heard from Rafi he was very
happy and excited about spending Christmas with
his classmates and family. We will follow Rafi’s
progress and keep you posted as to how he is doing.
Every child deserves a future filled with hope and


Education never stops

The art of education is to continue to grow as long as you live. Every moment brings its lesson. Every person is a teacher. Grow in all directions. Develop a desire for Godness, An eagerness for knowledge, A capacity for friendship, An appreciation for beauty, A concern for others, Grow….Learning continues forever…… Education never stops!!

Fishing Village Schools 1 & 2 “School of Angels”

This year with the help of many people Children are Angels from Heaven was able to sponsor two village schools near Calcutta. Our work was in partnership with Mrs. Nupur Sanyal and The Institute of Social Work located in Calcutta. I am very happy to report to all of you, everything went as planned in 2004. Many children did receive a basic education because of our efforts. I did visit each school on my last visit with Nupur or her staff. The First Angels Fishing Village School was about a one-hour drive and a half a mile walk to the school-house located on the rivers edge of the small village. The school staff, and children greeted me outside the school at the

Honorable Mr. O’Brien

On Behalf of the students of Newabad F.P. School, we the teachers are obligated to pay many, many, thanks to your honor for offering the sports and game apparatus. All of our students are enjoying the sports and games. Thanking you for your whole hearted sympathy and generosity.

Anita Ray, Head Teacher

To Sister Cyril and Mr. O’Brien We the teachers of Paschim Angarberia F.P. School are very much pleased for your kind donation of different types of playing equipment which is very useful to all my students to increase their sporting ability. Santosh Paul, Head Teacher

Orange Mango Banana Program

Angels from Heaven funds this program at the Loretto
School Sealdha Rainbow Program. It was started two years
ago by Angels from Heaven and Sister Cyril. The purpose of
this program is to be sure 200 street children will be able to
get a piece of fruit once a week to eat. The program has been
working out great with little or no problems. Fruit is very
expensive in Calcutta and poor children rarely get any to


St. Gurtrude’s Seniors Home

On each visit to Calcutta I visit a
friend and have a short social visit. My
friend’s name is Marie and she is 81
years old. I met her one day a long time
ago when she was sitting near the front
gate of St Vincents watching the children play and also the people come and
go. I shook her hand and said hello to
her. At that time, when I started to leave
she asked if I would come visit her
again. From that point on, I visit her on
every trip to Calcutta. I always bring her
a few pieces of candy and a Boston
Globe newspaper as she likes to read.
After every visit Marie always says, “Ray I may not be here when you come next
year.” My answer is always the same, “Why are you going somewhere?”


Adarsha Hindi Vidyalayam School

I enjoyed my short visit with the children and staff of this school. One of the
biggest problems at this school is there are so many children. I do not know the
exact number but I know between morning and afternoon classes it’s around 750
children. I had sent the school many boxes of used small school supplies during
the year by mail. The staff was eager to show me the boxes of everything. I can
only bring so much with me on my flight to Calcutta each year, so by mail it’s the
second best way for me to do small things for the children. I always enjoy visiting
the staff & children here, the staff is kind and understanding. There are so many
things this school could use for the students, but with a small budget Angels from
Heaven can only do so
much. I hope someday to really help this school by
building a few more classrooms onto the school but
that takes a lot of money. For
now I will do small things
for this school and give
something that costs very
little, my love and friendship. I look forward to seeing the staff and children in
November 2005


Don Bosco Ashalayam

Don Bosco is a home for street children in
Howarh. The children are taught vocational
training such as woodworking, painting,
drawing, tailoring, and bakery. The boys at
this home are older boys who have lived on
the streets or in railroad stations for many
years. For many it is too late to go to a formal school because of their age. If you look
at our web site under past newsletters you will see the many
things Angels from Heaven has done for these
children. My efforts to help them have been
never ending. This years visit was different.
. . I was sent 17 sports uniforms from a family in Kansas to bring with me to give as a
donation. I had to find the right place for
these donations and with God’s help Don
Bosco Ashalayam was the
perfect place. Don Bosco has
a basketball team and the
boys play other homes in the
area. Don Bosco did not have
uniforms. What a perfect gift
for this home. My friend Mr.
Bernard Maung arranged a
basketball game to be played
at Ashalayam to be called the
Pepsi Cup 2004. I’m telling
you it was so beautiful to
watch the children playing
the game and the fans on the
sidelines as well as the staff.
Everyone was so happy and
excited. At the end of the
game all the players, staff,
and fans were given a bottle
or glass of Pepsi Cola from
Angels from Heaven. Everyone was a winner and to think
that it all started over a small
donation of 17 used sports
uniforms from a family in
Kansas USA.


Little Sisters of the Poor St. Joseph’s Seniors Home

I was given two wheelchairs in 2004
to bring with me on my next trip to
Calcutta to give to someplace in need.
I am very happy to report to all of you
both wheelchairs were donated to St
Josephs Seniors Home on AJC Rd in
Calcutta. Mum Xavier and I brought
them both there by taxi. They were very
much appreciated by the Sisters.


Bethany Sisters

When I am in Calcutta I always stop
by the Bethany Sisters Convent to say
hello and bring the Sisters some sweets.
On one of my trips to a village a long
time ago Novice Bethany Sisters
reached out to help me. I never forgot
their efforts to help me. During my visit
with the Sisters we ate the sweets and
sang songs. It was fun finding out all
the Sisters names and where in India
they came from. My visit with the
Sisters was short and SWEET. I
enjoyed it very much. On this trip Mum
and I also bought a Christmas tree for
Novice Bethany Sisters in another
Convent out by the airport.


A Smile… A Smile…

A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those
who receive without making poorer those who gave it,
It takes but a moment, but the memory lasts forever.
A smile creates happiness in the home, fosters
goodwill in business, brings rest to the weary, cheer
to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and its
nature’s best antidote for trouble. Yet it cannot be
bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is
something that is of no value to anyone until it is given
away. Some people are too tired to give a smile. Give
them one of yours, as no one needs a smile so much as
one who has none to give…