Racing for the Kids

Racing For The Kids

Last year Jimmy Linardy (Scruffy) a weekly race car driver at Lee Speedway, Lee NH donated his entire years racing winnings to Children are Angels From Heaven

$675 to be used for the children.

Jim had our name put on his race car, all at no cost to Angels.

I consider this a great effort by Jim and his family to help children. Jim and his family do all of this together.

Jim and his family along with his workers and friends at his shop also collect deposit cans for the children.

Jims shop is in Somerville MA. If you want to see him race he is at the speedway every Friday night in the #14 car or the # 7 car.

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to Jim and his Family for all their help over the years.

Jim also operates an emergency Truck Road Service business out of his shop.

He is a first class mechanic and a real nice person.

You can reach him at
Jim’s Heavy Duty Service
42 Joy Street
Somerville, MA 02143