Samita’s Cleft Lip – 2003

Samita’s Cleft Lip

During my last few trips to IMH, I visited with a little girl named Samita. Samita had C/P and a cleft lip. Every time I saw her she would be lying in bed and she would look up at me with big, sad eyes. I use to watch the Massies feed her by wrapping a towel around her face to cover up the gaping hole in her lip and then they would put the food in her mouth. It was very sad to see. 

I wanted to do everything I could to help Samita, but it proved to be a difficult task as IMH had announced that it was closing its doors and that Samita would be transferred to another home. After some time I learned that Samita would be transferred to the Sabera Foundation, and it was then that I made contact with Dr. Zarin Dadina about the possibility of repairing Samita’s cleft lip. It is with great happiness that I report to you that on November 12, 2003, through the efforts of Dr. Dadina and funds donated from Children are Angels, Samita underwent an operation to repair her cleft lip. Dr. Dadina reports that she is doing remarkably well and is a happy and cheerful child. Photographs of Samita before and after her surgery are shown below.