Work Gloves – 2005

Work Gloves

In October of 2005 Angels from Heaven received a donation of 1,800 pair of small work gloves from Drake Daniels of Quality Press located in Hudson NH. Drake called me and said he would donate them to Angels from Heaven if I could find a use for them. With winter just around the corner I knew I could find good homes for all of them.

Here is a list of where all the gloves went and also three letters I received.

  • 300 Pair to Krakow, Poland for the winter
  • 300 Pair to a medical missionary nun in Virginia who helps poor people
  • 600 Pair to the Pine Street Inn homeless shelter for men and women in Boston
  • 300 Pair to the Shattuck Shelter in Boston for homeless people
  • 300 Pair to Waveland, Mississippi as part of Hurricane Katrina Relief

Letter from Wendy Price

One Box of 300 gloves made their way onto a 53-foot truck bound for Waveland, Mississippi that Wayland, MA has adopted as a “Sister City” in an effort to help this community who essentially lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. The Mayor of Waveland came to tell us about the devastation and said “picture your home and all its contents, and all that is familiar to you, then waking up the next morning and its all gone!” What they do have is their faith, resiliency, and commitment to rebuild their town. In the meantime, they live in FEMA trailers needing to outfit them in order to sleep, eat and live. It is a very difficult situation with no quick fixes but these residents are committed and working hard to rebuild their lives. This box of gloves will keep their hands warm as they continue to clear the debris and attempt to carry on with their day-to-day lives. These acts of kindness not only served as a practical purpose; they show the people of Waveland have not been forgotten. The gloves were greatly appreciated

Letter from the Shattuck Shelter

Another 300 gloves went to the Shattuck Shelter in Jamaica Plain that cares for Boston’s homeless men and women. The number of homeless people in Boston is greater than we all really want to think about, and the Shattuck Shelter is doing its very best, with limited funds, to help these people stay alive and get back on their feet. The outreach workers see more than 500 people a week. Some refuse to go to the shelter, so all you can do is give them things like gloves, clothes, and blankets and hope they can make it through the frigid nights in winter. The gloves were distributed immediately, and were hugely appreciated by those trying to help our local homeless people.

Letter from the Pine Street Inn

Thank you so much for the 600 pairs of gloves for the Pine Street Inn. These gloves will certainly come in handy during the cold winter months ahead of us. We have distributed them amongst our mens and womens clothing rooms.